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Thursday, November 30, 2006

commentators are not the only ones

to gatecrash our values and vernacular. Have you noticed the way in particular Costello and Vanstone and I think it might be speading to the opposition although with their being almost invisible and inaudible, I can't be sure, are dropping in, "Well gee that's a toughie" and "Gee whiz, I'd have to think about that one."
Listen, you politicians are paid enough to not have to "gee whiz" the people of Australia. If you can't do better than "gee whiz" us then you should vacate your position and give it to someone else who can handle the situation. The minder who dreamed up this attempt to proletariatise and vernacularise the representatives of the people ought to rethink the philosophy behind it. Their salaries are big enough for them to give honest, sensible and thought through answers. If Peter and Amanda can't do that, then let Kim and Julia have a go.
"Geez, that's a toughie. Fair dinkum."
You politicians have got your own language. Don't pretend you are one of us by trying to hijack our language.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

when the language of the players becomes

the language of the commentators, why is it that the commentators have to use the language like a baby who has just learnt to say DaDaDaDa or MuMuMuMu. It got so wearing yesterday with nearly every commentator looking for the chance to get in 1 fer or 2 fer or 3 fer and the bigger - 6 fer.
What do they or the producers think they are doing to the game or the coverage? If they are looking for reality TV, by bringing the language of the players into the TV room, then I think it is wrong. Players have ways of talking in their vernaculars which is owned by the team and it is wrong for couldabeens or neverwases or oncewases to mimic the team language. Commentators are not part of the team so they should not rob the players of their language.
A couple years ago I was on the team bus coming home from a tragic grand final (in which one guy was paralysed and another guy died). As the beers turned the sorrow into if not exactly levity but memories, the players turned to team bonding songs and antics. I couldn't participate because I was not a team member. I'd have been a gatecrasher. Team language, team songs and all of that are part of the bonding. Players have got their sledges and shorthand speak. You commentators sound pathetic trying to think you are part of the team by mimicing their language. I'm sure the ABC doesn't do it. The players also use F, C, B, S words. If you must mimic, mimic them and then thankfully you might be taken off air. Who's the clever baby? 1 fer, 2 fer, 3 fer, 6 fer. Ahh, clever baby!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"I am right and everybody else is wrong.

All the time, in all circumstances, no exceptions. I supported the war in Vietnam. It was right then and I am not going to recant of the actions of Australia. It was the correct policy. It was right to kill the Vietnamese then just as it is right to call them our partners now."
Would you expect the Vietnamese to agree with you?
"Oh yes. President Linh van Huoc just told me 'Ah Prime Minister. So happi you come. So happi you kill planti of my countrymen 30 years ago. Vietnam no have population problem like China now. Very happi. Very good war. You very wise man.'"
And the Vietnamese people, they are happy too?
"Oh yes. One peasant just told me, 'Ahh your majesty. So grad you kill my father and mother and sisters and brothers. Now I do not have to share my house and land with them. So very happi."
And the Iraqis, they are happy?
"Oh yes, very happy. These buildings were over 2000 years old they told me. The bombing saved them the trouble of knocking them down."
And what about the dead people?
"Oh yes, they are very happy about that. They just love funerals. It gives them a chance to get on the streets in large numbers and celebrate just like we do at New Year."

Monday, November 27, 2006

I don't know what is the saddest.

Waiting for the bus at 8am was this drunk guy - at 8am with a bottle of beer. Then down at Speedway was this lame guy with a hunch back and a crippled leg who had no crutches and he was getting around on his hands and the foot of his good leg while he crippled leg just dangled behind. Then there was me and I didn't/couldn't/ wouldn't do anything to help him. I had lots of excuses though. I was busy. I was going to church. I had no medical knowledge. He was not my countryman. Any help would have been passing gulit help. His wontoks should help him. Lots of excuses. Tick one.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

away for most of this week

Schools are about to go on holidays and universites and colleges are already on holidays. Already some colleagues have gone away. I will be away for one week.

The cricket series to end all cricket series

"This is the most anticipated test series of all time. This will be a beauty. Not since Bradman played has cricket been so alive. Get your tickets. Turn on the tele. Don't miss a ball."
Bullshit. If the Australian Cricket Board and Ch 9 are not guilty of false advertising they must at the very least be guiltyof unconscionable behaviour. This was never going to be a close series. Tied down by the ICB timetable, Australia was committed to hosting a very low quality team. England hasn't won against a reputable team since it beat Australia two years ago and it only won then without Australia's having McGrath and Warne when it counted. The admin knew that the only way they were going to avoid the boredom was to convince the public that the emperor was wearing the brandest newest of clothes. Why so many advertisers and public were sucked in defies belief and adds to the perception we're not a terribly bright lot.
Now take the Rugby League last night. 12 all at full time. That was sport because there was a contest. The ground wasn't full because we had come to expect Australia to win. But League was a winner last night because the competition was tough. World Cricket has to start sending Australians in their prime overseas to develop the sport at club level. There's just nothing coming through otherwise and the game is in danger of being the loser. With a World Cup coming up it might be too late.

ay Ric, what ya gunna do?

Are they batting again or what?
I dunno, what do you blokes reckon?
Well from a batsman's angle, I want another bat. I'm sick of only getting one bat.
Yair, well you did your job in the first innings.
We'd look pretty stupid if we went to Adelaide without giving ourselves some more batting time.
OK, message received. What about you Pigeon?
Yair I'd like another 6 fer in the one day. At less than 200 I'm only getting warmed up.
Warney, what do you reckon?
Well at 2 fer I want another bowl.
Nancy boy, how you holdin'?
I got a 3 fer but I want more fer. I'm set to bowl again.
That's alright for the bowlers. How am I gunna git me 7000 runs if we're only batting one innings? This is me last season.
Fair enough. Let's bat again.

tribesmen in bilas going to Communion

the Church choir

Friday, November 24, 2006

yesterday's power problems explained

PNG Power has sent notification that the persistent load shedding is due to 3 machines being down at their Ramu Power Station.
This has also been compounded by loss of transmission between Goroka & Kundiawa.
PNG Power has not given us a time frame as to how long the load shedding will take place. Business houses are reminded to have alternative power supply arrangements to avoid ongoing disruption.
Kind Regards,Lae Chamber of Commerce Inc."

Power went off yesterday at 7.30am and then there was intermittent power during the day until finally it came back on at 6.10pm. I went in to the Vanda restaurant - first time I had been there other than for Sunday brunch one time. I had the chowder and the rack of lamb. Very nice! Thank you.

Kids off the street Mission

The Director,
Kids off the Street Mission.

Dear Reverend Crewes,
The PM would like to celebrate his Christmas worship and devotions with your organisation, Kids off the Streets Mission this year. Yours is a very worthwhile truly Christian operation and the PM would like to be part of your congregation for the celebration of the life of the baby Christ child.
The PM was invited to participate in the festivities at the Cathedral but their celebrations were too over the top with pomp and ceremony and he wanted to be part of a more modest Christmas service. Besides, he suspected they were too liberal-revisionist in their theology whereas he is more in line with fundamentalist-conservative Christianity.
If you feel your organisation would benefit from TV coverage owing to the PM's presence, my office would be able to assist you in organising this.
With very good wishes for a humble, holy and righteous celebration of Christmas,

L. Smithwilliam-Smith.
Liaison Officer.

what counts as sport tragic or couch potato

Oi John, y' know how you say you're a cricket tragic? Well what about me, would I be a fishin' tragic? I eat fish 'n' chips. Or would I need to say own a rod or hand line? Would that count towards being a fishin' tragic? What if I owned a tinny and a bait bag and tackle box? And I went out every weekend or so to Keepit or up on the Barwon and I taught me kids to fish. Would that count? And if I scaled and gutted and filleted me fish - would that count? Well what about you John. You tell me you're a cricket tragic. What does that involve? Oh I see. So you've got a presentation bat from the Australian team. Have you got your own bat and box and maybe a ball or two? No? Your old creams? No? Maybe on account of your being interest in the policy side you were Secretary of Greenwich Cricket Club? No? Maybe on account of your kids you umpired their Saturday morning cricket games? No? Well just what is it that you have done to describe yourself as a cricket tragic? I think you're a bullshit artist John. That's what I think. You try to live off the kudos of the game and the players and the spectators by gatecrashing what we have contributed without having put anything in yourself. You've never even paid for a ticket to get in to see a game have you? You've got a hide John. You've got a hide I'll grant you that.

from the National 23 Nov

Unitech unsure of ’07 academic year
By PETER KORUGL. THE fate of the 2007 academic year at the University of Technology hangs in the balance as the National Academic Staff Association (NASA) staff members will not participate in the selection of Grade 12 leavers.The members said they would respect the National Court orders and mark the final examinations and submit the results and participate in the selection of non-school leavers for students at Unitech next year. “But we will not participate in the selection of students who are coming out of Grade 12 this year,” a member said, adding that the matter was going to the full council. The full council of the university will meet on Dec 1 – eight days from today – to address issues raised by the National Academic Staff Association (NASA).The source at the Taraka campus told The National four members of the council who met with NASA executives on Tuesday decided that the issues raised were sensitive and required the full council to deal with them.“We put to them that we want the senior executive management of Unitech to be sidelined, an interim management be put in place and allow for an investigation to be conducted into allegations of mismanagement and misappropriation of resources,” the source said. NASA has raised other issues, like the non-payment of remittance of NASFUND contributions, payment of domestic market allowances.Other issues also arose as a result of alleged mismanagement and misappropriation by the Unitech administration. Last Thursday, the NASA members conducted a secret ballot, supervised by the Electoral Commission, and the result overwhelmingly supported a strike action. The following day, the National Court ruled on an appeal by the University of Technology against the striking members of NASA and ordered them to return to normal duties.The court ordered that NASA members carry out final assessments for the students and attend examination committee meetings. The court also ordered the NASA members to participate in the selection of students for next year, comply with relevant provisions of their own constitution. “The university wishes to advise all stakeholders, including the Government, corporate and private sponsors, parents and students of its obligation to ensure a successful conclusion of 2006 and commencement of the 2007 academic year,” acting Vice-Chancellor Wilson Tovirika said when commenting on the National Court decision.NASA has agreed to obey part of the orders issued by the National Court. NASA members agreed to mark the final examination papers “because the examinations were taken by the students before the vote to strike was taken” last Thursday.The member said NASA would not participate in the selection of the students but only non-school leavers whose applications had arrived at Unitech.“We will not be involved in the selections of school leavers or this year’s Grade 12 students,” the member said.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yesterday I got a package from UNE Armidale.

The front was covered in customs declaration stickers, one of which said "Regular International Customer". I'm not sure if UNE is the customer referred to on account of having bought the stamps, or myself on account of being the international part. Either way, I thought it made me sound important. I was impressed. Wow, I'm a REGULAR international customer. How about that! I wonder if that entitles me to a corporate box at the Rugby or Cricket where I can be wined and dined as a REGULAR? We don't want to lose Outback to Jungle as a client. They are a regular international customer. International mind you - loaded with money. Invite them to join us in our box for the New Year Test.
Perhaps I should put this on my CV:
2006. Regular International Customer;
2005: Regular ordinary mundane 9-5 job;
2004. Regular unemployed at the Dole Office.
It looks as if I am aspirational and upwardly mobile.

Once upon a time shoes were made

for protecting the feet. After heavy rain overnight and continuing through the morning, the road at the front of the house had filled with water so I took off my sandals and walked barefoot to work. I carried my sandals to protect them and now I have a bruise on the sole of my left foot causing me to limp. To think that I valued the well being of my sandals more than my feet? Am I becoming a materialist to the extent that my possessions are more highly valued than my own body and soul?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Rev'd Arnold Erinbrough

Dear Reverend Erinbrough,
His Grace has informed the Office of the PM that you are the Church's liaison person for the PM's celebration of Christmas in your Cathedral this year. I very much look forward to working with you.
I raise with you now some discussion points for your perusal which we can then discuss at our meeting on Friday?
1. Archbishop's procession. Perhaps this should enter through the north transept doors? This would provide more room for the PM's procession through the west nave doors?
2. When the A'Bishop is in place at his cathedra, the congregation should stand for the first hymn, How great Thou art?
3. At the end of the first verse, there should be a drum roll and trumpet fanfare (provided by Military Band? Sydney Symphony Orchestra?) and all stops out on the organ for the start of the chorus "Then sings my soul" as the PM's procession enters?. PM arrives at the altar at the last "How great Thou art"?
4. At the end of the hymn, A'Bishop vacates his cathedra and invites PM to take his place? Too theatrical do you think?
5. Suggestions for the readings. Old Testament, Isaiah 9, v2 and v6. "The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; on them light has shined. For a child has been born to us and he named Wonderful Counsellor, mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."
New Testament reading, Luke 1; v 57 and v 6: " Elizabeth gave birth to a son and she spoke up and said, "he is to be called John."?
6. The Sermon. Perhaps the A'Bishop might posit a revisionist theology and raise the question of whether the angel might have confused the roles of Mary and Elizabeth and that he should have chosen Elizabeth as the Mother of the Messiah and that the John referred to is a present day John? What do you think?
7. The Confession. At the point "through our own most grievous fault", perhaps a clause could be added for the labor voters that they are really sorry and won't do it again?
8. The Absolution. The PM would be happy to pronounce this. If the A'Bishop prefers to do it, perhaps he should only bless the government voters unless the others have recanted? What do you think?

The PM remains open to suggestions and looks forward to constructive dialogue on these matters.

With best wishes,

L. Smithwilliam-Smith

Liaison Officer.

I wonder how bad the sledging will be?

My skin crawls as the saying goes whenever I see Ian Healey on TV. The West Indians are the nicest of cricketers and so someone would have had to have done something pretty ordinary for them to lock out another player but they would not let Healey into their dressing room - this was some years ago. Spiteful, nasty, threatening, sinister and bullying. And he does it with a smile, like the Gestapo. Surely we can find a more inwardly nice commentator than Healey?

we were comparing notes in the staffroom

yesterday about our comparative treatment of our family members. The expectatyion here is that the young will care for the elderly and the widows like it says in the Bible - but not for the biblical injunction but for the traditional way their society has been structured. One of the staff described how she had said "wrong things about her grandfather's children who had not looked after him" and this was not regarded as proper because she was a generation removed and so they had to do a purification of the area of the wrong with the tying of shell money and other gifts to the trees nearby. It is important that children take the body of a deceased relative back to their spirit land where their ancestry is and this can be very expensive.
My eyes are being opened to the value of learning from each other. Materially poor comparatively but spiritually rich. On the way home at Eriku the other day I waited for a Unigate PMV and a gentleman saw me there. It turned out he used to be a policeman and he was annoyed the police were not doing their job of making the PMVs go their designated route. He accompanied me on the bus as he wanted to make sure I got away from Eriku safely. There is always this protectiveness and kindness of people.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

National Heritage Property.

Intellectual Property Right is acknowledged as an entity in law. As more farmers and bush people leave the land and the outback towns, then Farming, Grazing and Bush Property Right ought to be acknowledged as a entity that has to be paid for by the advertisers who use bush and grazing images. Bushies and cockies are holding up and sustaining this powerful image of Australianness but they are not being paid for doing it.
Yet city slickers skite to their overseas friends about the mateship of the legends of the bush, the land of droughts and bushfires and occasional flooding rains. They share in the image and the glory (if you can call it that, these days) of Bourke and Barcaldine and Cunnamulla and Tibooburra and advertisers exploit places like Silverton but ask them - well if it is so good to photograph - why don't you help our community by paying for the image setting we are maintaining and which sells your 4 wheel drive or whatever product, they are not interested and they retreat to their cosy little cul de sac in Woolara or wherever. Aborigine cultural rights are another entity that is not being paid its full value. How many more years before McLeod's daughters has no ring of truth to it whatsoever? If you believe in it, then how about you pay for it?

from the National 21Nov.

"National staff want probe into Unitech
By PETER KORUGL. STRIKING national academics at the University of Technology have decided not to immediately return to classes as ordered by the court, but to ask the governing council today to order an official investigation into the university. National Academic Staff Association president Michael Hasagama yesterday confirmed that his executive was meeting the council today to petition the removal of the current senior management team, appoint a caretaker administration and institute the probe. “We will be asking the council to order the investigation into the mismanagement of the affairs at the university and the misappropriation of the university’s resources,” Mr Hasagama told The National. Mr Hasagama said NASA was fighting for the good of the university and the stakeholders and not for personal gain, as may be assumed by the public. The meeting comes three days after the National Court in Waigani ordered the striking lecturers to return to normal duties. The National Court ordered that NASA members submit the results of the final examinations to the university and attend examination committee meetings and participate in the selection of the students for enrolment for the 2007 academic year. Acting Vice-Chancellor Wilson Tovirika yesterday claimed victory against the striking staff and urged them to return to work. “The university wishes to advise all stakeholders, including the Government, commerce and industry, corporate and private sponsors, parents and students of its obligation to ensure a successful end of 2006 and commencement of the 2007 academic year,” Mr Tovirika said. NASA, however, would not concede defeat; instead it referred the judgment to the Industrial Registrar for a legal opinion. “The national court orders were made last Friday, our members voted to go on strike last Thursday. We have referred the court orders to the Industrial Registrar for legal advice as we understand the affidavit presented by the university in court by its lawyer was altered at the last minute and our lawyer was not given a copy,” Mr Hasagama said. In the secret ballot, conducted by the Electoral Commission last Thursday, the NASA members were asked to vote on 15 issues, the main one being that of mismanagement of the university and misappropriation of its resources by the administration. The members of NASA were also asked to vote on the medical levy imposed on staff, non-remittal of contributions to Nasfund and Unitech Savings and Loans Society, delaying payment of staff entitlements, water levy to staff, hiring and firing of staff, appointment, promotion and appraisal of national academics, acting appointments, training, incentives to retain qualified staff and security for staff. Mr Hasagam said NASA would press for the current senior management to be sidelined, an interim management be put in place and investigation ordered into the university."

should Ian Thorpe retire?

Deary goodness gracious dear.
This was the poll question on Ch9 this morning. Why don't these people give up? As if Thorpy is going to look at the poll and say Hmm, 38% think I should retire. My own state of well being says I have to retire. But 62% say I should swim on. Oh well, perhaps they know best.
Not that Thorpe is likely to be pursuaded by polls but it is this sort of intrusion into his life that puts pressure on him exactly when he doesn't need it.
Do you think the drought will break before Christmas?
Hey look at this darling, 57% think the drought will break before Christmas. Perhaps we should put in a summer crop. What d'ya reckon?
Well you could be right. I mean, 57% of people couldn't be wrong could they?
Just how ridiculous are these polls and why do they bother? I could ask it of myself. Why do I get so worked about this inanity?

"they" say that parents want to know

how their child is performing comparative to the other children in the class. Can you imagine the same concern with health?
Yes but Doctor I want to know if Jimmy is healthier than Susie.
Well as a matter of fact, no he's not. He's 10% sicker than Susie and a staggering 50% sicker than Tommy. He is really sick. He is below average. He's in the 30th percentile for breathing and in the 20 th percentile for red cell blood count. He is average height and weight for age. He could do a lot better.
Oh, I see. Well thank you Doctor.

To the Archbishop

Your Grace,
The PM is making arrangements for his celebration of Christmas and he would be interested in attending the service in your Cathedral this year.
I am the Liaison Officer on the PM's staff responsible for making the necessary arrangements concerning protocol and security and woud be pleased if you would advise the officer or Priest with whom I should be conducting negotiations.
In order that the PM can be satisfied that your Cathedral is the most appropriate place, I need to be able to inform him of the following matters.
1. Which service generally has the greatest number of communicants? How does this compare with neighbouring churches?
2. If there is only candle lighting, will it be possible without being intrusive for the TV cameras to light up the section around the PM to show him blessing himself and kneeling with his eyes closed?
3. Is there a video tape of a traditional service the PM could preview in order to acquaint himself of the customs of when to kneel and stand?
4. Would it be appropriate for the PM to lead the congregation as the Chief Adorant in a procession to place a candle at the crib?
5. The PM has offered to deliver the sermon if you feel you have nothing new to say about the baby in the manger.
6. The PM prefers Sweet Sherry for the wine part or a good quality Riesling.
7. If the PM is to be part of the Official Procession, which robes should he wear - will a bachelor's gown and hood be sufficient? He thought the carrying the cross role would be appropriate as representative of all Australians. If there is to be a practice for this, the PM would be available from 5.15-6.00pm on the 17th

I trust that you will be excited by this enthusiasm of the PM to make your Church the centre of his Christmas devotions this year and I look forward to working with your delegated Priest to confirm arrangements.

With best wishes for the festive season. Merry Xmas

L Smithwilliam-Smith.
Liaison Officer.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Before the full time professional era

of sport, players used to migrate in the off season of the domestic competition to play in the club competition elsewhere internationally. English footballers came here to play with St George and Balmain and Parramatta among others in Rugby League. I remember in cricket that Sir Garfield Sobers famously played for South Australia - in fact did he captain the side? I'm not sure. Anyway this migration of players improved the game through the transmission of skills and tactics. Others clubs improved their skills against the prowess of the international import and so when the international match would occur, the host national team found that its players had developed skills commensurate with the visitors'.
Shane Warne and several other Australians have been giving of themselves to international clubs - Warne has made this possible on account of having withdrawn from the one day team - but to my knowledge we are inviting few if any imports into our Pura Cup or whatever the interstate competition is call these days. As for our League players, they elect to spend their retirement years in international clubs by which time it is rather late for the competition over there to develop defensive skills against a not quite has-been.
International Soccer has developed on account of the migration of players through the clubs competition and the benefit to Australian Soccer is obvious with our having made it into the World Cup finals this year. If Australia wants to remain on top in the Cricket, then it should retain the current policy of not importing internationals to play in our domestic competition. But we should not be surprised if crowds fall off and interest wanes as the result becomes ho-hum. And we should not be surprised further if Cricket the Game dies.
To revitalise world cricket, there needs to be a system by which players in order to be eligible for international matches must have contributed to the world game by having played say ten matches in the domestic competition of another country. Dutchmen and Canadians might need to start off in Metropolitan Grade but give them a few years and they could be pushed into State Cricket. It depends on what we value the most - winning now; or having a game to play in ten years time.
As an aside but by way of summary, look what happened to the Tri Nations crowd in Brisbane last Saturday - the biggest crowd in 30 years on account that Great Britain had socked it to Australia in the previous game and so they considered there would be a match worth watching.

from the National 18 Nov

"Bart’s home truths BART Philemon may not have been saying anything revolutionary when he addressed the 41st graduation at Busu Secondary school a week ago. Mr Philemon noted that public infrastructure had deteriorated so badly that government services no longer reached the people. He told his listeners that schools, aid posts and health centres, roads and bridges, police and prison services and general administration had collapsed, leaving people without any Government presence in the rural areas. It worsens with each passing year. Maintaining those facilities takes money. Sadly we have had a succession of past governments for whom income has meant the chance for flashy and often doomed investments. National income has been squandered on foolish projects that could never have succeeded. Huge amounts of money have been wasted on bread and circuses, on a kalaiescope of brilliant images as dazzling and as ephemeral as the flight of a bird of paradise. The people have trusted, and again and again, the people have been fooled. Our nation is littered with the incomplete shells of yesterday’s promised infrastructure, and with the ruins of projects whose origins lie far in the past. “I see poorly educated children and rundown buildings. I read news headlines everyday about fraud and corruption within our society. In urban centres like Lae, Port Moresby and Mt Hagen, I see the social effects of poverty expressed in crime and violence,” Mr Philemon said. "

In 1996, Ray Martin asked John Howard

why people should vote for him.
"Ray, I love this country, " he bleated.
Words are cheap John. I love this country too John but what does that mean to you? John, you knew you could not trust the voters. They had let you down before. You were Mr 18%. You could not risk scaring them away with the GST from your achieving your destiny then so you gave them the "no no never gone stone cold dead in the water" line. You had no intention that it was stone cold dead. You did not trust the voters to tell them the truth and like the philanderer who tells his wife he loves her, you have the hide to tell them you love their country.
Bullshit John. Words are cheap John. You love this country for what you can get out of it - some sort of immortality for having been PM. You got power and that's all you care about. Oh, and plus a photo of you with the Queen and US President Bush to show the grand-kids.
That's not OK but that's the way the system works. Only don't take the moral high ground thing. That adds insult to injury so do the right thing and spare us your hypocrisy John. Kneel down and bless yourself again John in front of the TV. You see John I saw you at a Church several times when there were no TV cameras and you didn't do the kneeling and blessing yourself thing because that's Catholic and you're Methodist. I get a kick out of seeing you do it for the cameras. You sleazy old image harlot. Tell the voters the truth John. A lot of people have First Aid these days and they'll stop you from choking.

In a marriage there is an expectation of trust.

When one partner tells the other, "I don't trust you", then the marriage is over because "I don't trust you" does not mean the same as "Yes, but honey, you trust me to bring in an income each week don't you and you trust me to provide a house for our family don't you?"
This was the distinction that PM Howard took to the last election. We voted him in on the second distinction but not the first.
PM Howard tells the voters how he loves this country. The adulterer philanderer also tells his wife how much he loves her. If he loves her, would he lie to her and cheat on her? If PM Howard loved his people like he says he does, then why would he lie about the GST and children overboard and the reason for invading Iraq? Why would he need to turn the concept of TRUST around to the second distinction which means expect rather than trust?
Real lovers do not need to mouth the words. Their actions give them away as lovers. Words are cheap.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

the silted flats of the Markham River

Dad, are you really my father?

My darling child, of course I am. I love you. Why would you think otherwise?
Well Dad, we didn't want you to sell our pet Telstra. A loving Father would not have done that to his children would he? And then you told us those scary stories about the children overboard. A loving Father wouldn't scare his children. And then you promised us you would not drink GST ever ever again and now you are back on the bottle.
Ohh, my Child.
No wait Dad, there's more. Before I was born you promised Mum you only had 6 months of gambling debts to pay off with a tax surcharge but you lied because you extended it to 12 months. And then you managed our finances so badly you had to go to the bank manager and ask him to take the cap off 13.5% interest rates for you.
Ohh my child. Sometimes a Father knows best.
Well why did you shame us by getting into that brawl at the pub with Mr Hussein about which now all the kids are laughing at us saying "I told you so." And now you won't even stick up for our brother David in Guantamo Gaol. A real Father would support his children no matter what they did. Is Mr Beazeley my real Father Dad? Is that why you're always saying nasty things about him? And with your record of lying, how would I know if you are telling me the truth this time? Who is my real Father, Dad?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

John, we didn't want Telstra sold, we

didn't want a GST, we didn't want to invade a country that had done nothing to us. But you sold Telstra, you gave us a GST, you invaded Iraq. Now you tell us that because most of us don't want David Hicks back here that you are going to be pursuaded by us.
John, that does not sound like the leadership of a brave leader. You are just hiding behind public opinion on this issue.
I know you're cunning John. Take the never ever ever no no never a GST. That's what you promised us. Then you got the Australian Business Council to give you overwhelming evidence that could cover your political track so you could give us what you promised you wouldn't.
Then last time you turned the word trust around from the noun to the verb.
You're cunning John and you are dishonest. Sadly for my country most people are not awake to you. But over David Hicks you show yourself to be a coward as well. Not a very impressive CV John. But like a lot of CVs, it's the style and not the substance that wins the job.
A cunning dishonest coward. You cover it up well.

if we've got an extradition treaty with the USA

why can we not bring David Hicks home until they are ready to begin the trial process if that is what it takes?
We can take Australian Citizen David Hicks' passport from him, we can put an ankle detector on him, we can restrict whom he is allowed to visit. When the Yanks have got things sorted they can request his presence again. What is wrong with that?
It is not ideal but it is better than the eternal waiting in Limbo. My understanding is that he was not an enemy combattant against USA anyway but then I don't know all the facts - just as no-one else knows all the facts. Just like I don't know all the facts in the Martin Bryant or OJ Simpson cases. Courts are meant to get all the facts.
Five years behind bars for an empty headed idealist is not what justice is about. If one's own children got in with the wrong crowd on account of immaturity or whatever reason - just like the drug traffikers waiting their fate in Indonesia - you would want to see them given a second chance.
Living by the sword and dying by the sword does not just apply to Hicks. Those of us who condemn him might remember the biblical caution - judge not lest ye too be condemned.

twisting the argument to suit the situation

When the government took Australia to war against national opinion which advised caution, PM Howard boasted that he was a great leader because he took a courageous decision against overwhelming odds.
Today he told the media that he would not bring David Hicks back here without trial because that is something that he suspected the majority of Australians would not want.
John, you cannot be a great leader in one area and not in another. Sticking up for the little people and particularly for someone who was probably mentally unbalanced in the first place requires guts.
There is no shortage of warmongers in the world - it's why we don't have peace. So to join the warmongers is no big deal. Sticking your neck out on a point of justice - that takes courage.
I agree with you John that a majority of Australians probably are motivated against David Hicks. The idea of leadership in government John is to do the right thing in the face of overwhelming odds. You might get defeated. But you don't give up or take the easy option.
It is why Beazeley was wrong on the boat people issue in 2001. He might very well have been defeated but at least his principles would have been intact. Far better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Far better to have stood up for principles than never to have taken a stand at all.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Broken footpaths, pot-holed roads

schools with no books or furniture. Go and tell someone who cares. I'm alright.

one other thing about the way

TV breakfast shows make their women behave. Where on earth did this formula of the giggling tittering guffawing woman come from? Why don't you ladies stand up for yourselves and tell the producers you are not going to play the role of the bimbo. Let the men be bimbos for a change and see how they like it.

so what you're saying is other couple's

weddings are not the wedding of the year? Tom and Katie are getting married in Italy and it was billed on Ch9 breakfast show as "the wedding of the year". Thanks a lot ch 9. I thought my wedding was pretty special. What makes their wedding more special than mine? Ohh, they're more celebrity than me and that makes their wedding more special? What about their divorce? It will be special too?

Why don't you think before you insult people who are not celebrities. Other people live on this planet too you know.

Lucky was there again this morning 2

In the same place that I had seen it before but looking so bad. Just folds of empty skin around its bottom, the hugest of hollows between its ribs and pelvis. I feel so guilty. What can I do? I know what I should do, but then there is the problem when I leave.

I lent another K20 yesterday. I'm on nationals' rates but at the higher end of the salary scale compared with other workers. I've got my own wontoks back in Australia that I could be helping. If wontoks are such a big deal here, why am I an ex-pat being asked to chip in? What are wontoks for? What about Lucky?

the end of federalism

was called a violation of democracy when Gough Whitlam began to strengthen local government over 30 years ago and now we get the right wing mouth piece Alan Jones this morning talking about the wastage of resources through duplication of health, education and transport responsibilities by means of the States. Why is it a good idea now but it was not a good idea when Whitlam proposed it and you fought it tooth and nail? Why was the identity card proposed by Hawke a bad idea then but a good idea now to stop the terrorists?

Conservatives behave like the proverbial dog in the manger. An idea is no good because it was proposed by Labor. We would have been 30 years into the future if we had done what Whitlam and Hawke wanted to do. Not that I am an apologist for Labor but I am an apologist for efficiency and good governance and I hate hypocricy.

No way am I going to give up

these nuclear weapons. It's not in the national interest of North Korea.
Rah rah, more power to Kim il Jung.
No way am I going to give up clear felling these forests. It's not in the national interest of Brazil.
Rah rah, more power to el Prez.
No way am I going to give up harpooning whales. It's not in the national interest of Japan.
Rah rah, more power to Kon Ichawa.
No way am I going to give up deep sea fishing in the southern ocean. It's not in the national interest of Iceland.
Rah rah, more power to Sven Ericsson.
No way am I going to give up milking bears for their bile. It's not in the national interest of China.
Rah rah, more power to Chung Bok Choi.
No way am I going to give up agricultural subsidies. It's not in the national interest of the United States.
Rah rah, more power to the USA. Born in USA, I was born in the USA.
No way am I going to sign up to the Kyoto Protocol. It's not in the national interest of Australia.
Rah rah, more power to the Prime Minister. Go you good thing. You stick it to 'em John. You show 'em we can be just as bigoted and selfish as they are. You got my vote John.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

on the back of a PMV truck

Matt and Robert returned from the 11 mile City Mission. I have only ever one opportunity to catch a truck and then the bus cru came and got me to sit in the cabin.

living in an unequal society

Bring me bread and bring me wine. Where are you going?
Sire, to give some to the peasants.
Stay, I have not yet had my fill. More, give me more. Where are you going now?
If it pleases you sire, I thought you had seconds and that I should give some to the peasants.
Fool, you wait on me not on them. Give me more. Now is there any left?
No sire.
Well done fool. I hate to see too much food prepared which then has to be thrown out.

Politicians last week voted themselves generous increases in allowances. Meanwhile drivers drive on pot-holed roads; children sit in classrooms with no desks or books; and goodness knows what nurses and patients in hospitals put up with. I just loaded about a crate load of books for a school sent up by donations from Australia into a truck. Why are the politicians not concerned about the education of children as ex-pats and national teachers are?

Bring me bread and bring me wine.

volcanic ash fallout at Rabaul

from the National 14 Nov

"PNG’s existence vague: GG
By FREDDY GIGMAI. THE existence and reality of Papua New Guinea is still very much a vague concept to many people in the country, Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane said last weekend. “Many people in PNG continue to conduct their lives as simple villagers, having little or no care at all at what happens in the corridors of power in Port Moresby.” He said some people in parts of PNG were sometimes visited only once every five years by their MP or a public servant, adding that it was a rare experience. “To them, it may even be a bigger mystery on how police, magistrates, lawyers, and the correctional service worked together and furthermore, how they relate to provincial and local level governments”. Sir Paulias said what the people expected were services such as roads, schools, clinics and security and these expectations were often interpreted given PNG’s economic situation. He said there were already some good policies such as the Medium Term Development Strategy and other sector policies in place but they were delivered by “people who use initiative combined with energy and personal talents to bring about the desired policy results”."

I wonder myself whether a federal model rather than the uni-cameral model might be better because from my limited understanding people identify more as a Provincial rather than a National. I am often told that a certain behaviour is not Papua New Guinean - that's xyz and they are not like the rest of us."

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Matt shelling coconut

Ezekiel is a good reminder of human nature

"Ah, you shepherds of Israel who have been feeding yourselves - should not shepherds feed the sheep? You eat the fat; you clothe yourselves with the wool; you slaughter the fatlings. You do not strengthen the weak; you do not heal the sick; you do not bind up the injured; you have not brought back the strayed; you have not sought the lost. But with force and harshness you have ruled them."

Jesus told his disciples not to be like the scribes and pharisees because they don't practice what they preach. "They tie heavy bundles and lay them on the shoulders of others but they do not lift a finger themselves. They do all their deeds to be seen by others. They love to have the place of honour at banquests and the best seats in the synagogues and to be greeted with respect in the marketplaces."

In 2-2 1/2 thousand years we are not much different. I wonder how long attitudinal evolution takes?

publish this while I can

Why didn't they ask Syria and Iran

for help beforehand? The most powerful physical nation in the world could wipe Iraq off the planet but what would that prove? True friends if that's what Australia thinks it is should have urged caution in the first place but instead we went in there gung ho with our posse of 990 troops. Our invasion of Iraq has left us smelling anything but of roses. Hey, John, John, you forgot to put your undies on this morning John. Ahh yuk, the flies are buzzing around the unmentionable John. Why don't you go home and put your undies on John. Please John, it's a disgusting image. Go and put your undies on.

I think the new google blogger

is having some problems. It took twelve or so attempts to post this picture of Matt before it finally took and I can't work out why it insists in publishing it in duplicate - print one , get one free or something.

Concerning the Bibles for Guns article, I was talking to one of the Salvo guys last night and he said one of the guys handing in his weapons told him "OK, now we have done the right thing and handed in our weapons, how are we going to feed our families if we have no work?"

I have never walked in the moccasins of someone who has had to rob in order to feed his family. The problem of unemployment is bigger than what the Salvos have resources for and it is a national government issue. What is the government going to do about it? So many people have moved out of villages where there are traditional foods and lifestyle and are living in settlements on the fringes of the big cities. This is a big big problem.

from Post Courier 14th Nov

Guns exchanged for Bibles
YOUTHS of Four Mile settlement, considered a notorious breeding ground for criminals, yesterday exchange their arms for bibles. Their surrendering of the dangerous weapons were at the urging and encouragement of the Salvation Army. The weapons included home-made guns, live ammunition, sling shots, bush knives and pieces of iron used by the youths for armed-hold ups and road blocks. The weapons were ceded to the Salvation Army leaders at a small ceremony.
The weapons surrender program initiated by the youths themselves and the Salvation Army from Lae city saw more than 30 youths hand their weapons to the Salvation Army’s Divisional Commander, Major Sere Kala in front of the settlement leaders, people and an Australian television crew. As each youth from the settlement surrendered his weapon, Major Kala issued each of them a bible and assured them of a better life of Christianity. Major Kala said Four mile area was considered a crime hot spot. Road blocks and armed hold-ups are common occurrences.
He said he was himself a victim once when he was held up while travelling in a bus from Nadzab airport to Lae. Major Kala’s relationship with the youths in that settlement grew after meeting with the youth leaders. The Salvation Army came to their aid in starting up a coffee shop with K250 which earned the youths about K650 in a month. Salvation Army also assisted with training of youths on baking scone and selling. Major Kala welcomed the youths’ positive thinking and attitudes by deciding to surrender their arms.
“This is a change for the better,” he said, He also challenged the business community to give the youths a second chance to prove themselves. “If we can show compassion and a little bit of care, we will be creating the leeway for these youths to follow and change to become better persons,” he said. Major Kala said the surrendered arms would be handed over to the police tomorrow for disposal.

Speedway Market along Independence Drive

This market is just off the side of the road. Produce is on the white bags and I can see one seller under the pink and purple umbrella.
I tried deleting one of the images but they both disappeared

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

being mainstream versus being individual

Who is game enough to move out of the mainstream, to be branded a weirdo or a loner or some other racist or derogatory put-down? What if Jesus had remained mainstream and played the game of the scribes and elders? Or the Beatles? Or Van Gogh or Salvadore Dali? Or Mozart? Or Lenin? Would the world have been spared a lot of grief? What if Galileo had agreed the world was flat? Or Martin Luther agreed the Pope was infallible? What if the Estates General or the American colonies had not said enough is enough? What if Abraham Lincoln and Wilberforce had not thought that slavery was a big deal? What if Jessie Owens or Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi or the lady on the bus who didn't give up her seat for a white man had just accepted their lots in life? Or Nelson Mandela? Or if Ho Chi Minh thought it was ok for colonisers from Europe to own his country? What if my Bank Manager had not taken a risk with me in my Motel? Or if the University had thought I'd had one chance too many?
Am I living through the beginning of the end of the age of the mainstream? The age of mass communication made individualism invisible and unpopular because it was too hard to be individual when it looked as if the rest of the world was homogenous.

there was a stack of haus wok

for my haus meri this morning - the clothes from the away visit last week plus since, the dishes since last Friday, sawdust from the termite eating the timber lounge buffet, compost. I should try to get Kila to change days from Tues and Thurs to Mon and Fri.
I'd better get a new set of single sheets - the others tore in the middle so Kila stitched the edges together and cut down the middle but now the edges are fraying. I got a single and a double bed cover at the new top section of Foodmart.
I'm starting to put together things I can take back this time - my French texts, Matt's boots. The bowanarrow and spears have already gone. I came fairly lightly but I seem to have accululated from the several trips back home.

where have all the bloggers gone?

I was doing a quick flick through my links just now and was overcome that islandbaby Ricebag trace elements and perspectives www.schilt.com seem to be the only ones that are current current and Random Nath and Goroka and Albania Nomad Tales have gone elsewhere where they must be too busy to write. Come on web loggers, let's know what has happened to you - even if it is only on a once a week basis. Tell me a story about having coffee down Lygon or King Street that I can get envious about. Or Saturday morning omelette topped with smoked salmon while reading the SMH down Enmore Road, sipping on a flat white, planning to see Borag in the afternoon. Yoti is still good; kulau and pineapple that Anthony made - now there's something he must make again, to match the bacon and egg roll from Nadzab.
This semester - lost three other vollies from around and two more are leaving shortly - if only to Goroka; student's cultural festival; Matt's visit; student strike; Yonika's baby; course writing every weekend. I think it is slowing down now. My trip away is now four weeks and four days to go.

from The National Wed 14th Nov

"Chaos looming over strike action
By YEHIURA HRIEHWAZI. STRIKE action by academic staff of the University of Technology is expected to turn worse with lecturers saying they will refuse to mark examination papers and select enrolments for 2007 academic year.The National Academic Staff Association, NASA, executives told The National yesterday that their actions would have “dire consequence for 2007 graduation, enrolment and registration of students for next year’s academic year”. NASA president Michael Hasagama and executive committee member Robert Songan said the union regretted resorting to this action but it felt it was duty-bound to draw the attention of the university administration and Government authorities to what it claimed was a “serious lack of competence, lack of transparency and gross misappropriation of resources”. The NASA has about 100 financial members – most of whom are senior lecturers of various disciplines at the university. They were expected to begin processing the second semester assessment of students this week but that is now likely to be delayed until their demands were met. The staff members are demanding among other things payment of their superannuation contributions into their Nasfund accounts.They said their pay slips showed superannuation deductions since early this year “but Nasfund tells us there is nothing in there for us,” Mr Hasagama said. “The university has been deducting that money, but we don’t know where all that money is. ”In addition, the staff also complained yesterday of a savings and loans society for staff which the university had managed but was forced to shut down by Bank of PNG because it was too small a workforce to operate.They are demanding the university administration to explain the whereabouts of the funds from the savings and loans society. They are also demanding payments of their domestic market allowance funds.The association said it had severed all communications with the administration and it no longer had confidence in the current administration. Meanwhile, NASA had also written to the Chancellor Philip Stagg and Vice- Chancellor Misty Baloiloi and outlined their concerns and were awaiting their response."

maybe I was wrong

about the MCC England cricket team. Alan Jones told about how Andrew Flintoff and the whole team turned up to a charity function last night and scored tons of brownie points for their human interaction. Congratulations MCC. I hope you are just as worthy on the field. I would love to be wrong in underestimating you.
But human interaction? Maybe I am not quoting Jones exactly but I was just thinking when I wrote that phrase, well what did we expect? That they would interact like monkies? Onya the MCC.

Monday, November 13, 2006

I don't know why it is publishing two pictures

I only want one picture - why would I want two of the same thing? Guess where you would see a sign like this? Instead of the normal No Talking sign that you would see in a library, we have this sign. Buai is banned in most places because after chewing, you have to spit it out - and it is by them a vermilion/scarlet colour.

Peter brought these for me

I think the blogger comment facility

is working. I commented to myself on the previous blog and it seems to have gone through OK. Photos seems to be stuck again now so I will to to post in a different time slot.

congratulations to the American system.

I am trying to get ASIS off my trail by saying nice things about the Americans. But seriously we can all learn from the respect shown by US President Bush who acknowledged that Democrats were patriots too and that both Republicans and Democrats wanted to do good things for their country - it was just that they disagreed on the implementation.
PM Howard would choke if he ever had to say that about anyone in the Labor Party or the Greens. As far as he is concerned he is the only real patriot and this is the reason why we should vote for him. When he and Keating faced off with the Ch 9 guy in 1996, what's 'is name - the bloke that did the Don Bradman interview (Mike?) ah no, now I remember Ray Martin, who asked him why should people vote for him, Howard says "I love this country" - as if Keating or Bob Brown hated it and wanted to betray us to the Kiwis.
Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel and to knock your opponent's patriotism has got to be as low as you can go. Would that we could take on some of the political grace demonstrated by the Yanks. "I hope you're a Republican," Reagan quipped to his surgeon who was operating on his assassination wounds. "Today we are all Republicans," the surgeon replied. I too say "God Bless America" for giving the rest of us these examples of good political grace.

sorry - blogger beta will have

comments facility in a while so I am told. I opened up to blog after having been away last week to find my blog facility had been changed to make things easier. Part of this process means I can't receive comments yet. Sorry. But it is good being able to post photos.

footy out at the Lae City Mission

Matt and the boys having a game of touch

Matt at the main market in LAE

holding a rock melon sized avocado. Next to him is a store of sugar fruit.
The TAMBU sign top left means the things that are forbidden such as buai chewing and spitting and probably alcohol and maybe smoking - I just forget.

Peter is back at work

as our security guard at our end of the campus.
Peter lost his brother Apo several weeks ago and I had gone to the haus krai and helped out. He brought these around for me yesterday. The green crop is pawpaw shown in comparison to the bush knife and in the previous picture it is on a dinner plate. The red tomatoes taste like tomatoes used to taste when my Dad grew them back home. He brought me pineapples and spring onions and sugar fruit and potatoes. How much the poorer would one's life experience be without knowing people like Peter and his family and Joseph and the ladies sitting outside their house who let me walk down to their beach the other day. When I say "their" beach, they probably don't think of it in terms of ownership like we do. But the point is they went out of their way to provide a beach experience on the edge of their house for me.

the bush knife

This is a middle sized one shown alongside a kitchen carving knife and a table knife. The large green crop is a paw paw which was given to me yesterday by Peter.

how much more match practice

does the MCC need? I'm not sure if the English cricket team is still called the MCC - Marylebone Cricket Club - but I'll refer to it as that as a matter of convention and also I don't like to use the term Pommies as it is not appreciated and could even be abusive if not racist.
But I heard this morning the coach saying his team needed some more match practice. Goodness gracious me. These blokes play all year round and they need more match practice? They are just not good enough. I forget when they were last competitive but the only reason they won in England two years ago was Warne and McGrath were not playing most of the time.
The advertisers used all the tricks to entice people that this Ashes series would be the greatest series of all time, ticket sales were limited (so we were told). Hyperbole knew no end.
Why go watch a game when the result is predictable? Sport used to be enjoyable when there was competition and when it it was played with sportsmanship. England is not competitive and Australia is so ungracious about its winning that the spectacle will appeal only to the jingoists of which there is no shortage among the aussies. At least the League fans accept the truth - look how empty the stands were last Saturday. Ironically it would have been a good match as England won against the odds. I hope the MCC wins - for their sake, for the game's sake, and to teach the Australian team a bit of humility and grace.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Japanese WW2 tunnel looking over to Tavurvur

classrooms at Taulil

road and sign were 2kms apart

All Souls' Day

our patronal festival was celebrated last Sunday. Worshippers in traditional bilas dance with kundus in front of the church entry. Green palm fronds decorate the front of the church

Mt Tavurvur as seen from Rabaul Harbour

with a disused container in the foreground

at the main market in LAE

smoked seafood

Friday, November 10, 2006

Values Police - Language Violation

Dear Sir/Madam.
Reference: Breach of aussie Values Code 12.B.a/xi. Repeat Offender, category 1 A.

You were witnessed requesting "May I have change of 5o dollars please?" in clear breach of aussie Values Language Code which states, "aussies should use only American idioms such as bucks, anytime soon, top of the hour, get outer here and gimme a brake."

Your deliberate undermining of prescribed aussie Values will not be tolerated. You are a wilful recidivist. Any further breach will result in your deportation.

Punishment for breach of Code 12 is to listen to early morning breakfast shows for one week for enlightenment and re-education. You must pass the exam at the end of your re-education or be deported.

Signed. Constable for aussie Values (Cultural and Language Division).

Values Police - Violation Code 3. Melbourne Cup Day

Dear Sir/Madam,
It has been disclosed that you are in breach of aussie Values Code 3.1.a/vi, to wit: "An aussie will stop whatsoever heretofore and to wit for the Race that stops a Nation."

If you wish to contest this charge you should attend the first Ashes Test and make yourself known to the authorites. You should dress appropriately wearing an I love Shane t shirt, thongs and stubbies.

You may however plead guilty and spare yourself this embarrassment. You will still need to attend the Ashes Test and a guilty plea will result in the punishment as follows:
1. Sing the "vance" part of Advance Straya Fair for 6 2/3 beats longer than anyone else.
2. Chant aussie oi aussie oi ten times when Langer comes in.
3. Throw 2 half empty beer cans close to an English fielder.

Signed. Constable for aussie Values (Cultural and Sporting Standards Division)

what did you pick in the sweep?

Whu-whooo, guess who's drawn the favourite? You little beauty.
Bad luck mate. Goldfinger can't win from out there. She's carrying too much weight.
Yair well I reckon Tie the Knot is in with a chance. You gotter remember he's got Shane Wilcox in the saddle.
Yair well I was talking to Trev who said his old man is best mates with the second cousin once removed of a friend whose son went to school with the son of a friend of Bart Cummings and he said Lover's Lane is the go.
Ah no way mate. A friend of my mother went to the races in June and she knows how to bet and everything and she reckons Mr Tall is good each way.
Well this mate Gavin well he's good mates with the son of a bloke who collects manure from the stables for his vegie garden and he reckons he told him to put 50 cents on Come Be Chance.
Yair well Smithy said his dog started barking at 9 o'clock and it doesn't normally start until 10 o'clock so he reckons Early Bird is a sure thing.

Oh dear oh dear! Oh dear oh deary dear. So many experts on Melbourne Cup Day none of whom has a clue what a horse even looks like. What do these experts do for the rest of the year?

report from the National 7th Nov, p1.

200 hungry students go home
By PIUS MON MORE than 200 starving Grades nine and 11 students from Kitip Secondary School in the Western Highlands province were forced to go home yesterday due to food shortage at the school. It is understood funds allocated for food had been diverted for other purposes, leaving the students with no rations with almost a month of the school year left. The frustrated students came into the city and demanded education authorities in at Kapal Haus to look into the matter.Student leaders claimed they had missed out on their daily meals for weeks, and on occasions, had only one meal a day. They also claimed said water and electricity supply to the school had been cut. They complained that lack of school materials also meant they could not do their schoolwork and assignments. The student leaders said they started experiencing this problem at the start of term three, and decided they could not go on like this. There are reports that situation was further aggravated when the school’s principal and his deputy allegedly had a fight over the weekend, resulting in a vehicle windscreen being smashed.The student leaders claimed that staff and some student leaders had taken sides with the school’s administration in the problem. Superintendent for secondary, high and vocational schools said the Education Department will look for ways to help with food supply to keep them going for the next two weeks. The Education Department was aware of the school’s problem and was working on how best to solve the issue.There had been allegations of misuse of funds at the school, a complaint which has reached police in Mt Hagen. Criminal investigation division team leader James Nianga said Kitip Secondary School was one of many schools in the province, which had reports of maladministration and misappropriation. He said his men had visited Kitip secondary to follow-up on the complaints, but the school’s administration had blocked them and promised instead to provide a report. Mr Nianga said his office was still to receive this report.

what is the consequence of giving up

pushing the boundaries of what is possible in politics and settling instead for what is achievable through political power?

Why do we in the West want what we want? I went down to the beach yesterday morning about 9am. I found my way down, asking people on the way if it was alright, enquiring that I was not intruding on private property and personal space. There were four people sitting down talking and they had washing on the line nearby and I asked them if it was alright to go through to the beach. Their house was about 20 metres away from where the current-swept pumice stones from the volcano were lapping their beach front setting. Yu go this way and they pointed me past their washing and the wall of their house. I felt like an intruder but they did not mind and they reassured me it was perfectly in order for me to go to their beach.

What is possible? Is this type of acceptance and tolerance possible for us in the West? Or has selfishness forced us past the point of no return to humanity?

I love to hear the whingers

who two years ago had the chance to show PM Howard that they did not not believe him on the matter of interest rates have now good reason to rue their stupidity. The joke is on you guys and I get wry amusement at every whinge you utter. Sorry, but you made your bed - now you've got to lie in it. But you have the audacity to complain and expect sympathy?
You chose to TRUST him, even though his record as Treasurer caused him to have to take the ceiling off 13.5% rates at the time.

Not that you would want people like Beazeley has on his team, but the point that the Americans made is that unless they show their political leaders by voting for a change that they demand better, then politicians wont change. Politicians only change when people say by means of the ballot box that they have had enough. Onya America. It took you a while but you got there.

Monday, November 06, 2006

from Post Courier 6Nov

NATIONAL Academic Staff Association (NASA) of the University of Technology in Lae has gone on strike over outstanding domestic market allowance (DMA).The association has stopped discussions with Unitech’s senior management, accusing it of being incapable of managing the affairs of the university. NASA has also assured the general public that the strike will not affect the semester two examinations, which started last Friday. NASA has assured that the examinations will proceed as normal until this Friday. NASA president Michael Hasagama said NASA had rejected an invitation from the administration to come to a round table discussion on the DMA issue. “NASA has clearly indicated to the senior executive management that DMA is no longer an issue for discussion as NASA was advised by the Industrial Registrar to pursue the case through the court of law.” Mr Hasagama said the association believed that the conflicting information from the member of the senior executive management of the university showed lack of coordination and good management. “This also reflected in other decisions of the administration that have compromised the image of the university and contributed to the deteriorating state of services and infrastructure.”

I went to the Show to set up on Friday

for about 3 hours and then I went back on Saturday morning about 6.30am until about 3.30pm. Then yesterday was our big patronal festival at Church. I went to the PMV stop about 7.30 and there was a crowd there then so I began to wonder about getting into town. Anyway the PMV driver waved me around to his door and got me up front next to him. Normally I would not have accepted the favouritism as I prefer to be treated like the locals but it was an important day for the Church so I thought this makes up for all the other times when I have been pushed aside by the queue jumpers. Then on the way out of Top Town Bus Cru waved me up front next to him which again I accepted.
As for the show there were huge crowds down Markham Road in front of the show ground and on the Saturday when I left there I wondered what I would do if I could not get a bus to Unigate from Eriku. Everything worked out well. Our stall had good help from the Lae City Mission boys. As for our patronal festival, I couldn't stay for the after Church festivities and cultural displays but the Church service with many of the congregation in bilas was fascinating and reverent.

"Dear Sir/Madam, You are wrong.

A criminal like Saddam Hussein is not hung by the passive voice or the anonymous "they" as you put it. He is hung by the State which is the democratically elected people of Iraq."

Retake the scene. Take 2
There we were ghoulishly watching when in come 5 million Iraqis each with a hangman's noose and a black bag.
Now you are just being silly. Of course the State is not like that. The State delegates authority to a hangman.
Retake the scene. Take 3.
There we were ghoulishly watching when in comes the hangman. He was wearing a dark suit and black tie.
Are you sure the State was not female?
Yes, I think you are right, it was a lady in dark slacks suit.
Now you are just playing with concepts. The State is genderless and amorphous.

News Bulletin
Saddam Hussein is not to be hung by the passive voice as was first reported. He is to be hung by the State which is a genderless and amorphous thing which otherwise defies description. But definitely no person will do the hanging. The State will do it instead.

so who is actually going to pull the lever

to drop the floor on Saddam Hussein? I suppose "they" will do it, the nebulous anonymous "they". Not Mr Smith, or Mr Qadir, but "they". Or maybe he is going to be hung by the passive voice: "Saddam is to be hung". That is very clinical and there is no person or agent involved as is the case with the active voice. There is no actual lever puller, no actual hangman, no actual executioner, no actual person doing the hanging. Saddam is just hung. We just wake up one morning in a month's time to the news that a human being, albeit a not very nice human being was hung. It is a miracle! There we were ghoulishly watching the hanging when the guards brought Saddam into the hanging room. Then the guards and everybody else just left the scene - they walked out and closed the door. So there was Saddam standing alone in handcuffs looking bewildered when miraculously a black bag suddenly covered his head. It just came out of nowhere. Then just as miraculously there was a rope around his neck. No-one put it there, it just appeared around his neck out of nowhere. Then he just disappeared. It was unreal how it happened. It was just like magic. He was just hung. I don't know why he didn't run away because there was no-one there to stop him. Nobody did the hanging; not the judge, not the warden nor an official hangman, nor a victim of his sadism. He was hung by the passive voice.

Jesus said, "By their fruits ye shall know them."

My priest in Sydney took me down King St after chapel one day and on the way back from getting groceries he broke off a banana and gave it to a homeless looking bloke sitting at the bus stop. "May God bless you my brother," my priest told him. My Dad always told me to be kind to the unfortunate. "We do not know the time of his return or his manner. What if the bloke on the corner is Jesus?" my Dad told me.
So I was at a Bible study one night and I was talking about my Sydney Church and my interlocutor said, "Yes, but do they preach the Gospel?" I related the story of the banana and I said, "They not only preach it, they ACT on it."
PM Howard makes a big show of kneeling and blessing himself when the TV cameras are on him at a Church function because he knows the value of the image - Matthew, 23:28 "On the outside you appear to people as righteous, but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness". He is having an each way bet on the hanging of Saddam Hussein. Unlike the Pope who has urged clemency, PM Howard has said it is justice for the Iraqi people. That does not sound like the ACT of a Gospel believer. That does not taste like a banana.

so the Pope wants to spare Saddam Hussein.

Typical of those Christians. Do gooder Jesus types, turn the other cheek, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and all that stuff. Mind you, the images of Christianity still pack a good advertising punch - Christmas trees, a little baby lying on a bed of straw, romantic notions of Silent Night in the snow, carol singers going to hospitals, the forlorn anti-hero nailed to a cross still claiming to be the Son of God on the Friday, thumbing his nose at the religious authorities and the Roman colonisers on the Sunday, "Hey guys, you gotter do better. I'm still here."
It's still good to be on the side of the Christians because they control a good 5% of the vote which is vital in a close election. Basically they're harmless enough and they've got a good PR image like the Country Women's Association. Generally Christians even though there's not many of them are the types of families you'd be happy to have as in-laws. The hangers-on are a bit tricky though - the television evangelism types; the shonky businessmen who use the Church as a forum for business and that sort of thing.

Friday, November 03, 2006

is independence "ours" to give?

On the way to work this morning a gentleman asked me if I had any work as he was a carpenter and handyman. I could not help out and on hearing my accent he told me he was "hamamas Australia kisim mipela independence". He was happy that somehow I was responsible for giving back to his country something that was his birthright. A more preferable understanding of what happens with independence would be that Australia was withdrawing from its colonial role and that PNG was reasserting its sovereignty. When slaves were "freed", what really happened? All people are born free so how can people be "freed" if freedom is a natural state? Likewise with independence. Independence was not Australia's to give but withdrawal was ours to do. We had to recognise the truth.
I find it uncomfortable that people address me as sir and even boss. I don't mind if my students call me Mr on account of my position, provided they call national lecturers Mr as well. I prefer first names but I get embarrassed that maybe I give off colonial vibes that invite the address of sir or boss. That is a terrible legacy of colonialism that it leaves people with an inferiority complex to this day which is evident in that they still use hierarchical language forms of address.

Da-arl, don't you think we are in danger

of losing our identity?
How do you mean Hon, losing our identity?
Well y'know how you said we barrack for the underdogs? Well don't you think now we are so good at everything like cricket and tennis and swimming and horse racing and the World Cup and how everyone loves us, well don't you think we might not be the underdog any more and that people might stop loving us?
Hmm. I see what you mean Luv. But it's only a metaphor. It's what they call "an advertiser's dream" and that is the skill of the advertiser in not waking people up to the reality.
Hmm, I think you've lost me there Darl. Why don't we barrack for the Kiwis and the Pommies in the cricket?
Oh well that's different. That's traditional rivalry and that is different from being the underdog. If you know what I mean.
No I think you've lost me Darl. So we are still sort of the underdog when it suits us? And people will still love us though even if we are not the underdog? It is important for our self esteem that we are loved y'know Darl.
Yair. Let's just dream on then, Hon eh?

Da-arl, why does the nation stop

for the race that stops the nation?
Far Lap, Hon, Far Lap. Greatest horse in the history of civilisation. He was almost on a par with Bucephalis.
Ohh Darl, you can't get your mind above your navel can you? What's Bucephalis got to do with the race that stops a nation?
Bucephalis, NOT syphilis, Hon. Alexander the Great's horse was Bucephalis and our Far Lap was better than it.
Oooh, that is impressive Darl. And we stop for five minutes? That's longer than we stop on Remembrance Day for the Diggers.
Well you've got to remember that Australia was made great on account of two things Hon: Ned Kelly and Far Lap. Without them, we would be nothing. Life in Australia would lack meaning. That is why the two dates are so close together. The day when they hung our Ned and the day when Far Lap raced. We've got two great traditions in Australia Hon - the race that stops the nation and barracking for the underdog and these two come together for five minutes for the race that stops the nation.
Oooh, you're so knowledgable and patriotic Darl. What if you don't stop for the race that stops the nation?
Oh, well, that would be grounds for deportation Hon.

still no luck with the photos

and I am thinking there must be another problem. So I'll do something else.

Mummy Mummy come quickly. Baby has fallen into the pool.
Not now Darling; Mummy has stopped for the race that stops a nation.
But he is bobbing up and down Mummy.
Ahh for %46&*@#! If this %^&#*N race is supposed to stop the nation can someone tell these kids it refers to them too? Kel, go and see what the matter is.
Mummy he is turning blue and floating on his face.
Yair I'll be there in four minutes Kelly. Just watch him for me. It's nearly over. I've got to stop for the race that stops the nation too you know.
Mummy he's sinking to the bottom. I think he's drownded.
Well you just stay away from the the water yourself OK. Now shhh. They're coming in to the straight and I think I'm on a winner. Go you good thing. Go.