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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

John darling, I can't sleep.

What's up Jan, Honey?
Well it's these polls. What if we do lose? What about our overseas trips? What about staying with the Emperor? And when would we ever get into Buckingham Palace again? And the papparazzi would stop taking our photo with important people. And if we are not living at Kirribilli any more, who is going to come and see us at Wollstonecraft? I can't imagine James Packer or Rupert Murdoch going anywhere there wasn't a water view. Some of these people are just so transparent. They only come for the food and the views. It's almost as though we weren't there at all.
Oh darling, you're upsetting yourself over nothing. We'll still have George and Laura to see.
Yes but in two years they'll be nobodies as well. And they are so far on the nose with their own people we might not want to be seen with them.
Well we might just sell out of Wollstonecraft and move out to Penrith to be with the people who really love us, Howard's Battlers. I've done so much for them I think they are going to name a park in our honour. What about that? Jan? Jan? Hey honey are you alright?


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